National Organization for Marriage NY PAC Endorses Erick Salgado for NYC Mayor


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Question Conservative Party Endorsement of Candidate "Excited" to Perform Gay Marriages

National Organization for Marriage

Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage NY PAC, today, endorsed Rev. Erick Salgado for Mayor of New York City.

"NOM is proud to endorse a candidate who has the courage to stand up for conservative principles and join us in our support of traditional marriage," NOM President Brian Brown said.

"There are millions of people in New York City who support traditional marriage and deserve to have their voices heard. Rev. Erick Salgado is not only that voice, but is a true leader who has a vision for New York that is based on conservative values," Brown continued.

Brown also questioned the Conservative Party's endorsement of candidate Joe Lhota, pointing out that Lhota has not only expressed his support of gay marriage, but stated during a January 17, 2013 interview on NY1's "Road to City Hall" that he "looked forward" to performing gay marriages as mayor.

"Joe Lhota's view on gay marriage is extreme and not in step with conservatism," Brown said. "While I have great personal respect for the leadership of the Conservative Party, we reject the endorsement of Joe Lhota. Erick Salgado is the candidate who will work to restore marriage in New York, and we are proud to support him."

The National Organization for Marriage and NOM NY PAC has helped win a number of victories in New York City and across the State. "We worked together with local allies to elect Bob Turner to Congress, David Storobin to the State Senate and defeated three of the four State Senators who flip-flopped on gay marriage. Now we urge New Yorkers to show their support for marriage by rallying around Erick Salgado," Brown concluded.


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