Video: NOM's Eastman Responds to Democrats Blaming Victims for IRS Abuses


This video is quickly making the rounds today -- it showcases our chairman Prof. John Eastman making very effective use of his time to underscore one of the causes of the systematic IRS abuses:

"If you were impressed with Paul Ryan’s retort to Jim McDermott today in the House hearing on the IRS scandal, get your seatbelts in place for John Eastman’s ferocious, angry rebuttal to two other Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee.  Eastman chairs the National Organization for Marriage, a group supporting the traditional one-man-one-woman definition that somehow founds its confidential IRS data in the hands of its biggest opponent, Human Rights Campaign.  Eastman made the most of his time, to an ovation from the crowd (via The Corner)." -- HotAir

You can view the full video of the committee hearing at this link.

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