Watch Rep. Paul Ryan Question NOM's Chairman About The IRS Scandal!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

"Welcome to Washington."

That's how Rep. Paul Ryan begins his statements in last week's hearing about the ongoing IRS Scandal.

His comments followed Rep. McDermott's, who incredibly claimed that marriage supporters shouldn't be allowed to participate in the public square because (unlike the Human Rights Campaign, Freedom to Marry and Planned Parenthood, I suppose) we were "highly political" and "entrenched in some of the most controversial political issues in the country."

Thankfully, Rep. Ryan cut through the political gamesmanship and got to the heart of the issue: the IRS is claiming the power to determine which ideologies are in the public interest!

What's more — NOM's story, presented by our Chairman, John Eastman, has become, in the words of Gov. Mike Huckabee on his radio show recently, "the smoking gun" in the IRS scandal.

Please take a moment to listen to Rep. Ryan's questions and comments during last week's incredible hearing:

It's always disappointing to see some representatives like McDermott attempt to make marriage partisan when it is not. We proudly collaborate with many democrats who support marriage. In fact, during the same hearing Rep. Rangel (D-NY) proposed working together with Eastman to help make sure the mess at the IRS is cleaned up.

And make no mistake — Dr. Eastman's testimony about NOM's story is our best chance yet to get to the bottom of what happened inside the IRS — and to find out who may have known about it outside the IRS and was an accomplice to the crime.

Please watch this brief video of Rep. Paul Ryan's questions to NOM's Chairman, Dr. John Eastman, and listen to the incredibly powerful responses he gives.

And then, please consider making a generous contribution to support our work to defend marriage and the rights of ordinary Americans like you to speak and organize freely and participate in the political life of our great nation.

For marriage and freedom.

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