NOM hails RNC Chair winner Reince Priebus for pro-marriage views


The big news from late Friday:

Reince Priebus, who led the Wisconsin Republican Party to major gains in 
the 2010 midterm elections, won election as chairman of the Republican 
National Committee in a drawn-out balloting process Friday, ousting 
incumbent Chairman Michael Steele after a rocky two-year tenure.

Priebus started out as the top vote-getter in the race, besting Steele by 
one vote on the first ballot. But it wasn’t until the seventh round of 
voting that he passed the 85-vote victory threshold, counting 97 supporters 
on the final ballot.

While all five RNC candidates expressed their support of traditional 
marriage when asked, Priebus led the pack.

Priebus was the only one who spoke to the combined issues of judicial 
activism, the natural basis of marriage, and the social ideal it represents 
for children:

"I don't believe judges can rewrite the constitution and redraft what 
marriage is. There is a sanctity to marriage and I agree with Michael that 
it is foundational in our lives. I believe children should grow up with a 
father and a mother if possible. Certainly we support single parents if 
possible. I don't believe anyone should be denied dignity, everyone should 
be loved, I believe that marriage should be between one woman and on man."

NOM looks forward to Chairman Priebus putting his pro-marriage beliefs into 
action as he works to recruit strong candidates nationwide who support the 
traditional definition of marriage and reflect the views of the majority of 
his party.