World Congress of Families Releases “10 Best and Worst Developments for the Family in 2010”


The 10 Best Developments are:

  1. The U.S. elects a pro-family House of Representatives
  2. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev begins discussion of his nation's demographic crisis
  3. California voters reject marijuana legalization
  4. Canadians refuse to legalize euthanasia
  5. Spain holds huge pro-life rallies challenging expansion of abortion
  6. U.K. plans to block children's access to Internet porn
  7. Developing nation reject E.U. "sexual orientation" mandate
  8. Regarding abortion, Europe preserves right of conscience for medical professionals
  9. Hungary's new government considers pro-life/pro-marriage constitution and
  10. U.N. members reject special rapporteur's recommendations on sexuality education.

Here are The 10 Worst Developments for the Family:

  1. Ontario court tries to legalize prostitution in Canada
  2. Mexico City institutes same-sex marriage
  3. New Kenyan Constitution undermines right to life
  4. Ted Turner calls for worldwide one-child policy
  5. Hollywood is sexualizing teen girls
  6. In U.S., high levels of out-of-wedlock birth among less educated
  7. Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  8. Planned Parenthood says abortion and contraception are economic stimulus
  9. Growing anti-Christian bigotry in Europe and
  10. EU tries for stealth recognition of same-sex marriage.