Transcript: statements made by Iowans during Monday’s House hearing


The Des Moines Register has a story and video up on its website recapping remarks that were made by Iowa citizens at Monday’s public hearing on the House floor over the issue of allowing marriage to be decided by a popular vote in that state.

Here are a couple of those comments, transcribed from the video provided by the Register:

Karen Mogenhan, a Montrose Resident: “When gay marriage rights clash into religious rights, the courts lean towards the former. As [this] shows, this issue is bigger than two people who love each other and want to express that love, and who receive the benefits of legally-sanctioned marriage. It will filter into all aspects of our lives, school, business, medicine, religious-based groups’ activities and church. At what point do I say, ‘Enough, it is my rights that are under siege?’ In a battle of religious rights with gay marriage rights, it is the rights of a free society that will ultimately pay the price.”

Jen Green: “Several of you may have to choose between party loyalty and your personal beliefs, please vote to pass [the bill], and take the first step to allowing Iowans our [given] right to vote on a marriage amendment. We will thank you for it.”

Dean Genth speaking for One Iowa (which opposes allowing the issue to go to a popular vote) had the most over the top comments:

“To give you some perspective, it would be less harmful to me if you just jumped me in a dark alley and beat me up. It would be less hurtful to me if you would just spray-paint the word ‘f*****’ on my garage door. Nothing you could do to me physically would be more hurtful to me than the action you are proposing to take.”

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