Maxed-Out Hillary Donor and Two-Time Nader Voter is a 'Centrist' GOP Contender?


Tim Graham of NewsBusters does a good job pointing out the glaring contradictions in the WaPo's profile of Fred Karger:

The Washington Post devoted an entire page and more in Thursday's Style section to the GOP protest presidential candidacy of gay activist Fred Karger. Post reporter Dan Zak proclaimed: "He can see himself as the moderate voice in a debate crowded with hard-liners."

But late in the story, Zak writes how Karger embraced "the notion of transpartisanship, which allows a politician to revere the Clintons (Fred was a maxed-out Hillary donor in 2008), espouse the word "progressive," vote for Ralph Nader in 2004 (to protest George W. Bush) and 2008 (to protest Obama), and still call himself a Republican. "

Even the WaPo author can't help but note the inconsistencies:

The actual delivery of [Karger's] message isn't as clean. His stump speech is more of a meander that always boomerangs back to his retirement hobby: crusading against Prop 8, the Mormon Church and the National Organization for Marriage.

As Graham comments, "Earth to reporters: Activists who want to "quash" conservatives are not building a "big tent." They're trying to throw social conservatives out of the GOP tent."

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