Gathering Storm Background Facts


I've been busy doing interviews most of the past three days, but wanted to take a minute to set the record straight here as well:

The response from the Human Rights Campaign (and others) to the release of the Gathering Storm ad this week is nothing new. It's the exact same tactic we saw last year in California: Call us liars with no substantiation on particular facts.

To HRC: People are smarter than this. Check out our background facts here.

And for those who keep asking about the actors -- It's a professionally produced ad. Of course we used actors. We say so right in the ad. Is that the best talking point HRC could come up with? If so, we struck more of a nerve than I originally thought.

I challenge the Human Rights Campaign to try to refute any of the incidents described in the ad.  Please.  The fact is you can't (the WashPost just verified them again today) -- so you simply cry "liar" and hope that it sticks.  Sorry, we're smarter than that.

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