New ACU Chairman Suggests GOProud May Be Out


Frum Forum:

The new chair of the American Conservative Union, Al Cardenas, today distanced his organization from GOProud, telling FrumForum in an exclusive interview that “it’s going to be difficult to continue the relationship”...

“I have been disappointed with their website and their quotes in the media, taunting organizations that are respected in our movement and part of our movement, and that’s not acceptable. And that puts them in a difficult light in terms of how I view things,” said Cardenas.

Cardenas has since made clear the board had not yet made a firm decision:

The jury still is out on the continued participation by GOProud, a group that openly works on behalf of homosexuals, in the Conservative Political Action Conference, according to CPAC's new chairman, Al Cardenas.

"I intend to form a comprehensive vetting process on each CPAC participant, especially at the organizational level"... [source]

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