Did Obama Conspire With Ted Olson On Timing Of DOMA Decision?


From FRC's Washington Update:

The administration seems to be coordinating these efforts [to defeat DOMA] with the assault on marriage in the states. Yesterday, within two hours of the President's statement, a document was quietly filed in the Proposition 8 lawsuit. And not just any document, but a 23-page motion that noted the Justice Department's withdrawal from the DOMA case as a reason to lift the stay on Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling.

Why is that significant? Because legal documents of this magnitude take days, if not weeks, to review. Obviously, Ted Olson's team had inside knowledge from someone at DOJ that this decision was coming down--and made sure the Prop 8 challengers were strategically positioned to capitalize on it. If this is true, and Olson's team was fed information before Congress or even the Speaker of the House was made aware, there's something fishy going on.