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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Everyone keeps asking me about Maine.

Here's the great news: (the Yes on One folks) have a new campaign ad so effective that National Public Radio doesn't want you to see it!

It's an ad featuring an NPR news interview from 2004 with a pro-gay marriage Massachusetts public school teacher. In the interview, the teacher describes in great (and warning: occasionally graphic) detail how her teaching changed once gay marriage became the law. "Give me a break" she says, "it's legal now."

The marketing department has issued a "cease and desist" order claiming copyright infringement. They are trying to get the ad off YouTube and off the air. Wow. Raw censorship--and by a news organization.

Must be a really great ad, I say!

Why is NPR trying to censor this ad?

Because it's an inconvenient truth. Truth, not truthiness. When gay marriage becomes the law of the land, of course public schools will teach about it. They will teach it as civil rights triumph, as the incarnation of our commitment to equality and diversity. And Maine parents will have no right to protect their children from this government instruction.

And here's more good news: as Mainers come to realize that gay marriage has real consequences, they are moving strongly in the direction of protecting marriage.

You can understand why NPR feels that has to be stopped somehow!

Dana Davis Rehm, executive vice president of marketing, communications and external relations for NPR, tried to justify this unwarranted intrusion of an alleged news organization into a political campaign to shut down information. "The use of the ('All Things Considered') story was a very central piece of the ad," Rehm said Tuesday to the Portland Press-Herald. "It wasn't a small quote, or a quote among a series of quotes, as often would appear in a fair-use situation."

You have to use a series of quotes or it's not fair use? Really Dana? Is this the best NPR can do?

It is an extraordinary moment when a news organization openly acts to interfere with a political campaign.

But truth cannot be stopped by such paltry and obvious lies and evasions. The people of Maine are learning the truth about gay marriage-gay marriage has consequences.

So a new published poll shows the race a dead heat 48 to 48 percent.

As the Baptist Press put it, "The survey is good news for Question 1 supporters, who were outraised 2-to-1 through September and trailed by 9 points in a poll conducted Sept. 30-Oct. 7. Both surveys used identical polling language -- the same language that will be found on the Nov. 3 ballot."

But for those of us who are veterans in the marriage wars, the news is even better than the Baptist Press thinks. Consider the California experience. The last published poll before the election, conducted by The Field Poll, showed Prop 8 going down to defeat with just 44 percent in favor to 47 percent opposed. And yet when Californians voted, marriage won! A majority of Californians (52% to 48%) voted to protect the traditional understanding of marriage and oppose gay marriage.

In other words, in Maine, we are at least four points ahead of where we were at this time in the California battle. Take heart, take renewed courage for the battle from this news: this fight can be won with your help -- and God's.

Pastor Jim Garlow, who led the California Pastors Rapid Response team in the Prop 8 battle, has organized a nationwide campaign of prayer and fasting for victory for marriage in Maine. Not just prayer mind you -- prayer and fasting. Some Catholics in Maine are hosting 9 days of Novena for victory. Pray for victory. Pray and fast.

And get to work!

It's a close race. Every vote counts. If you know someone in Maine call them up, email them, ask them to volunteer ( The gay marriage lobby in Maine has more than 30 paid staffers, a lot of them imported form California to try to turn their people out. We have you!

If you are in Maine go volunteer -- and get five of your friends too

The other thing Maine needs is your financial support, if you can afford it in these tough times. Don't give money to NOM today -- Give it to Maine. Give $100 today to Maine. Give $1 today to Maine. Give for marriage, give for victory, we can win this fight! Tomorrow I will let you in on other exciting NOM news from New York, New Jersey and other great battles. Today I am asking you to let those NPR marketing folks know what you think about their pathetic attempt to censors of the truth! Make a donation to right now!

I thank God once again for the privilege of standing with you in this great battle of our times.

Truth and love will prevail over lies and hate--when good people like you stand up with grace, love and courage under fire and fight back--and then together our voices and our values will be heard!

In His name,

Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
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Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]

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