Constitutional Scholar Matthew Franck on DOMA and Constitutional Responsibility


Matthew Franck teaches in the Political Science department at Radford University, and is also the author of two books on the Supreme Court:

Hopeful advocates of same-sex marriage should be disappointed in the president’s political cowardice. Opponents should be disgusted with his partisan legal tactics, but take heart from the fact that Mr. Obama is reduced to the expedient of such maneuvers. With popular majorities in three-fifths of the states having rejected same-sex marriage, and nothing but defeat at the polls awaiting any president who comes out squarely for it, this president is desperate to satisfy his liberal base on this issue at the least risk to himself. “Let the judges take the heat” is the motto of the left’s culture warriors. After all, for two generations the Supreme Court has been “taking it” over the abortion issue. Surely the justices can “take it” over same-sex marriage as well.

From every angle—political, moral, and constitutional—Mr. Obama’s low cynicism is breathtaking. Perhaps the advocates of same-sex marriage are content with “any means necessary.” But no one, on either side of this issue, should confuse our current president with his great predecessor from Springfield. (source: The Public Discourse)