Speaker Boehner on FOX News: "We are going to intervene" on DOMA


Last night Speaker Boehner was asked by Greta Van Susteren about DOMA and intervention:

VAN SUSTEREN: The Defense of Marriage Act -- the president has said that he's not going to enforce it or is not going to -- he's not going to fight it in the courts, the challenges to it. You or at least the GOP on this side has said that you may hire a special counsel to do the job that the federal government -- the executive branch won't do. Are you going to hire someone?

BOEHNER: DOMA is the law of the land. It passed overwhelming in both the House and the Senate. And I think it's outrageous for the president to say, Well, we're not going to enforce it. It's the law of the land. It's the job of the Justice Department to defend the work of our government. And I just think it's outrageous. We're looking at our options, what's available to us to intervene. The short -- the long and short of this is that we are going to intervene. The question is how do we do it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you had any conversations with the executive branch, with the attorney general or the president about that?


VAN SUSTEREN: So everyone's going to find out when, later this week, what...

BOEHNER: I'm hopeful we'll have an answer here in the next couple of days. (source: official transcript)