Illinois B&B Owners Sued for Refusing SSU Ceremony


Two bed-and-breakfast owners in Illinois are being sued after refusing to host a same-sex civil union ceremony. The harm to the gay couple is simply their emotional distress, not the lack of a nice place to hold a ceremony (because already another bed-and-breakfast has offered to host their ceremony).

In a way I can sympathize; of course it's distressing to be told that someone doesn't approve of your commitment ceremony as you are preparing for a happy day. But frankly, that's the truth of the world we live in: Many people disagree on important and deeply-felt moral issues. We don't usually let one person's emotional distress shut down another person's right to act on their own moral or religious beliefs. Unless the law decides that one person's emotional distress constitutes proof of “discrimination”--and then boy, the playing field suddenly gets unleveled very fast.

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