Prop 8 Case News: County Clerk Seeks Standing in Case


On the Prop 8 case, this week saw another very important and totally underreported development too: Chuck Storey, the newly elected county clerk of Imperial County, is back in court, asking the Ninth Circuit for standing to intervene to uphold Prop 8!

You may recall that the Ninth Circuit denied Imperial County's assistant clerk standing, on the grounds that she is not independently elected. So Storey's decision may change the whole legal ballgame.

Kudos and thank you to him--and to each and every American standing up for our right to vote for marriage!

That all our rights are under new attack became vividly clear this week in Illinois, where just weeks after the legislature passed a horribly-drafted civil unions bill with no religious liberty protection, legal threats are being unleashed against people with traditional views on marriage.

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