Maryland's Million Dollar Marriage Battle: NOM's Weekly Newsletter


As I write this, we do not yet know the outcome of the legislative vote in Maryland on gay marriage.

I do know that 24 hours before the vote is supposed to take place, the Washington Post headline read: "Final House Vote Uncertain."

It's coming down to the wire largely because of you and good people like you, who have risen up with an extraordinary outpouring of public objections to politicians who believe they have the right to redefine marriage without the consent of the governed.

We're throwing everything we have into this fight, with your help.

Maryland's Million Dollar Marriage Battle

On Wednesday we released the news that we're forming a new NOM Maryland PAC, and we pledged to throw $1 million into the next election cycle in Maryland. Read more.

Maryland House Rejects Religious Liberty and Parental Rights

The outcome of the vote is uncertain as I write, but let's pause for a minute to note: What happened yesterday on the floor of the Maryland House was hugely significant, and in a disturbing way. Read more.

Boehner Takes on Obama, Defends DOMA

Good news this week: Speaker Boehner confirmed that the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (affectionately known around D.C. as BLAG) will intervene in the Defense of Marriage Act cases. Read more.

With your help, we continue to rack up victory after unexpected victory for marriage—and not only for marriage but for the democratic process, for the sovereignty of the people, and for the first principles of our beloved Constitution, including and especially religious liberty.

The battle will quickly shift to Rhode Island and elsewhere.

More next week, but until then, please pray for all the good people in Maryland who are standing for marriage. Pray that the delegates will stand up for what they know in their hearts is right.

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