Maryland House Rejects Religious Liberty and Parental Rights


The outcome of the vote is uncertain as I write, but let's pause for a minute to note: what has already just happened on the floor of the Maryland House was hugely significant, and in a disturbing way.

In a very tight fight, with a referendum looming, the advocates for gay marriage rejected a series of amendments, on religious liberty and also parental control over their children's education.

Del. John P. Donoghue, D-Washington, tried to add an amendment protecting religious-based groups which provide adoption, foster care or social services and might be opposed to same-sex marriage.

“Opponents said the proposal would be discriminatory,” reports the Herald-Mail.

It was defeated 79-58.

Can parents have the right to shield their own children from pro-gay-marriage education in public schools?

No, said the opponents of this amendment, echoed by Maryland's top political leaders.

The consequences of gay marriage for parents, religious people and institutions are no accidental byproduct--they are now clearly part of the plan of gay marriage advocates.