Standing-room only at RI SSM hearing


The Associated Press has a good report:

"Marriage between one man and one woman is more sacred than anything," said Roy Gustafson, a Warwick auto body technician who took time off work to protest the legislation. "We're being bullied into this by states like Massachusetts. Rhode Island should stand up and say we're not going to do it."

More from a local source:

Joseph Cavanagh, a providence attorney and a member of the National Organization for Marriage in Rhode Island, warned that redefining marriage would have a devastating effect on society. “I can think of no other legislative action that would push us further into the abyss” said Cavanagh, “it has been the ideal way of society since the beginning of time.”

Fr. Bernard Healey, speaking on behalf of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, said that the church’s opposition to gay marriage was not rooted in hate or bigotry, but was simply a matter of defending the right to have marriage between a man and a woman recognized as a distinct and special entity. “Union between husband and wife is a distinct vocation, and using the law to alter or to redefine marriage is an injustice to those who have embraced this state in life and negates the long history of benefit,” Healey declared.

Photo: Elise Amendola / AP