Ron Paul defends DOMA, right of Iowans to oust Justices


Something interesting we didn't have time to mention last week:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, speaking to a religious conservative group in Pella., Ia., today (March 7), cast the gay marriage issue as a states’ rights matter.

He said he supports the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which specifies that states do not have to accept out-of-state marriages that don’t conform with their laws. “I see that as an act that was prohibiting the move to nationalize it and force Iowa to accept the rules of Massachusetts or whatever,” he said.

He said he also strongly supported Iowa voters’ right to oust Supreme Court justices. (source: Des Moines Register)

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council also issued a statement supporting the announced DOMA intervention, "FRC Optimistic DOMA Will Now Receive Vigorous Legal Defense."