NJ Marriage Update: Senate SSM Vote Postponed!


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

 We've just received word that Senators Loretta Weinberg and Ray Lesniak -- in a startling admission of failure and a slap in the face to voters who had rearranged their schedule to be in Trenton -- have asked to have tomorrow's vote on the same-sex marriage bill postponed. It is being reported that Senate President Richard Codey will accept their request to delay the vote.

Of course, they claim this delay has nothing to do with the fact that they're falling short of the 21 votes they need for passage. But the admission couldn't be clearer -- If they had the votes, there's no doubt the Senate would be voting tomorrow.

With tomorrow's vote canceled, we are calling off tomorrow's rally at the State House.

To those of you who had rearranged your schedule at the last minute so that you could be at the State House tomorrow, thank you. It is that sort of "minuteman" commitment that speaks so loudly to legislators.  

And thanks to all of you who have contacted your legislators this week. This extraordinary turn of events could never have happened without the outpouring of phone calls and emails that our Senators are receiving. Thank you!

At least four Democratic senators are now publicly reported to be opposed to the same-sex marriage bill, and both Republicans and Democrats are telling us that their phones are ringing off the hook! Keep up the great work!

Now, it appears the bill will go to the Assembly for hearings and a vote, before returning to the Senate late this month or in early January.  I'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Meanwhile, keep the phone calls and emails coming!

Click here to look up the phone number for your Senator and Assemblymembers.
Click here to send an email to your Senator and Assemblymembers. 

Brian BrownFaithfully,
Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
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