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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day

We're still digesting the great victory for marriage in Maryland.

Many thanks to each of you who wrote, picked up the phone, sent an email, went down to Annapolis, and/or reached down and gave generously to support NOM's work in Maryland and across the country.

Stopping SSM in Maryland: "A Huge Victory"

Here's how the Baptist Press put it: "It was a huge victory for traditionalists. Just two weeks ago, the bill seemed destined to become law."

MD Aftermath Brings Infighting in Gay Marriage Camp

We're still digesting that great Maryland victory for marriage and boy, so is the other side. The name-calling has begun!

Hispanic Church Turning the Tide in Rhode Island

All eyes are now on Rhode Island, where House Speaker Gordon Fox is claiming he has the votes to pass a gay marriage bill through the House. Right.

Is Suppressing Religious Liberty the Point of SSM Bills?

Here's something else worth noticing from Maryland and Rhode Island: In both states, gay-marriage advocates would rather lose gay marriage than provide religious liberty protections.

We keep piling up victory after improbable victory together, demonstrating once again what a special God-blessed country we live in.

The good news keeps coming: We expect a marriage amendment to pass in Indiana soon.

Charles Cooper

Chuck Cooper and the Prop 8 litigation team just
filed a very strong brief (PDF)to the California Supreme Court, demonstrating that the proponents of the a ballot initiative committee do have a special legal status to speak on behalf of the initiative.

We will never give up this fight, because we will never surrender the truth about marriage and the dignity of the human person, and we will never surrender our rights as Americans in the democratic process.

Pres. Obama may try to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, but we will be there to stop him. You and I know: Pres. Obama cannot repeal the truth, the natural law, or common sense.

Thank you for helping us fight this great fight.

God bless you and God bless this great, great nation!

Brian brown

Brian S. Brown


National Organization for Marriage

P.S. We spent more than $125,000 in robocalls and mailers to help Maryland citizens fight off gay marriage. We have similar battles to fight right now in Rhode Island, Minnesota, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, and now in Congress to protect DOMA. If you are able, would you prayerfully consider donating $10 this week to help us fight for God's truth about marriage? Your gift of $5, $50, or $500will be faithfully stewarded to win more victories for marriage, for democracy and for religious liberty!