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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Marriage Supporter,

When President Obama defaulted on his duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, gay marriage advocates applauded. When Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Nadler introduced bills to repeal DOMA, they celebrated. Soon DOMA would be history, opening the door to a nationwide same-sex marriage regime.

They know the stakes. If DOMA falls, marriage is at risk all across the nation. Join our $1 Million DOMA Challenge at today!

Obama's DOMA betrayal is a grave threat to marriage—but also an unprecedented opportunity. And financial resources will make the difference in our ability to capitalize at this decisive moment. If we act now, we can make President Obama's decision backfire, triggering a political backlash and a renewed and robust defense of DOMA. Video


We thank Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership in the House for taking action to intervene in the DOMA litigation. For the first time, we will have government lawyers in the courtroom who actually want to win the case. But the battle is far from over.

We have launched a new national campaign to protect and defend DOMA, and have just received a $1 Million DOMA Challenge Grant to ensure that DOMA is defended in Congress, in federal court, and in living rooms across the country. Under the terms of the grant, every dollar we raise by midnight on April 15th will be matched up to $1 million, providing a total of up to $2 million to defend DOMA.

Will you join us today, doubling the impact of your gift?

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Dueling bills in Congress are set to put every Congressman on record for or against marriage, and we need your help to turn this DOMA battle into a decisive victory for marriage. Already, Rep. Vicky Hartzler has 95 co-sponsors on her resolution condemning President Obama's betrayal of DOMA. And on the other side, Rep. Nadler's DOMA repeal bill reportedly has over 100 co-sponsors in the House.

The Human Rights Campaign is crowing about a new poll supposedly showing that 51% of Americans oppose DOMA. You know that's wrong, and I know that's wrong. But the best way to prove it to Congress is for tens of thousands of Americans to stand up and make their voices heard.

Can you give $1 a day for the next 30 days? Your gift, whether $30, $300, or even $3000 if you have the means, will help us fund the next steps of this campaign, supporting the Congressional resolution in defense of DOMA, blocking efforts to repeal DOMA, and assisting in DOMA's legal defense.

Proponents of same-sex marriage are running out of options. They've tried to win in the states—and have lost 31 times in a row when the people have a chance to vote. They've tried to push their agenda through Congress—but last November you helped elect a pro-marriage majority in the House of Representatives.

Now they've teamed up with President Obama to defeat the Defense of Marriage Act. But President Obama overplayed his hand, and his strategy will backfire on him, not only politically, but tactically as well.

Never before have we had such a clear opportunity to defend DOMA. The charade is over. With President Obama having so publicly betrayed marriage, the courtroom door is now open—for the first time—for lawyers who truly want to defend marriage to intervene on behalf of DOMA.

And I know that with your help we're going to win here, too.

These next 30 days are crucial. In order to succeed, we must have the resources to wage a sustained campaign on behalf of DOMA. Please join us at to learn more—and help spread the word!

Brian Brown


Brian brown

Brian S. Brown


National Organization for Marriage

P.S.: President Obama has opened the door for a real defense of DOMA. But we need your help to make sure this important opportunity is not wasted. Please join our "30 Days for DOMA" Campaign today with a generous gift of $30, $300, or even $3000 if you have the means. Every gift is matched, doubling its impact. Together, we can put Congress on record for marriage, defend DOMA, and make President Obama regret his decision to betray marriage—but only if we come together today.