Canadian PM warns Catholic high school which forbade gay-straight group


The Canadian Globe & Mail reports:

A Mississauga Roman Catholic high school's decision to bar students from launching a gay-straight alliance doesn't gel with Ontario's education policy on equity, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Monday.

“We are making it perfectly clear to all our school boards, all our schools, all our principals, all our teachers and all our students that it is unacceptable in Ontario to discriminate based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation,” the Premier said in Question Period.

... NDP education critic Rosario Marchese also said the Premier's response was a non-answer.

“The policies are quite clear,” Mr. Marchese said, referring to a ministry's memorandum from October, 2009. “There is absolutely no ambiguity and it applies to both public and Catholic schools.”

The memorandum reads that “boards must also help school staff to give support to students who wish to participate in gay-straight alliances and in other student-led activities that promote understanding and development of healthy relationships. Schools must also engage their school councils and student councils to support these student-led activities.”