Forthcoming "Scientific" Study: Why Do People Think Kids Need a Mom and a Dad?


The scientists in question appear to be very forthright that they are interested in this question so that they can help change attitudes attaching folks to the idea and ideal of the natural family. Not exactly the beau ideal of academic neutrality, here.

The Ford Foundation, the Harvard Crimson reports, has awarded $730,000 to research by the Face Value Campaign examining "public perceptions of LGBT sexuality with a focus on how the public thinks contact with LGBT adults affects children" in order to "craft messages that will change attitudes for public policy."

“This grant allows us to really understand what is it about children in relationship to gay people that translates into a perception of harm, and investigate how can we translate that to positive association,” said the Executive Director of Face Value Julie R. Davis...

“Homophobia is the thing that harms children, not homosexuals,” said Timothy P. McCarthy, (who will oversee the research)