Indiana Marriage Amendment Fends Off Challenges, Headed for Final Vote in Senate on Wednesday


Indiana's State Marriage Amendment (HJR 6 - read the text here) just fended off two attempts to amend it--which would have effectively killed it for this year because the House and Senate must pass identical language. The vote was 36 to 11 on straight party lines on each amendment, with one member "excused."

The floor vote in the Senate is expected on Wednesday and it looks good for passage.

Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee passed HJR 6 by a vote of 7-3.

Update - Micah Clark of theĀ American Family Association of Indiana spoke with Charlie Butts of OneNewsNow about why it is important for Indiana to pass this Marriage amendment:

"I don't know if they realize yet that the Obama administration's decision not to defend DOMA really places Indiana at risk, because we don't have an amendment -- even though two-thirds of the states do," says the pro-family spokesman. "We are very vulnerable until this does go on the ballot and hopefully be passed by Hoosiers for a legal challenge to this."

The earliest the issue could go on the ballot is November 2014.

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