Maggie Datiles, JD, on what we need to know about DOMA


Maggie Datiles is an associate fellow in law at the Culture of Life Foundation. She writes about the basic facts we need to know about DOMA. Here is part of her 5th point:

5.  Federalism and Judicial Tyranny

... By branding DOMA as “irrational,” the Obama Administration has attacked the integrity of the legislative process taken by Congress when it enacted DOMA.  In doing so, the Obama Administration also challenged the sanity and intellectual ability of all of the Members of Congress who voted for the passage of DOMA.  In spite of these harsh accusations, the Administration has yet to offer pointed arguments specifically disproving the credibility of the arguments and supporting evidence considered and recorded by Congress when it enacted DOMA.

You can fill in the spaces the Obama Administration has left blank - in just three easy steps, you can join the effort to defend DOMA:

  1. Donate to help us take the message of marriage to millions of Americans from coast to coast.
  2. Sign the petition, sending an email urging your congressman to stand for marriage as a co-sponsor of House Concurrent Resolution 25.
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