Advancing Marriage in the Heartland - NOM Marriage News (March 31, 2010)


Dear Marriage Supporter,

This week, yet another great victory for marriage: Indiana.

This week the Indiana Senate passed a state marriage amendment by a bipartisan margin of 40 to 10! And this after the amendment passed the House by an astonishing 70 to 26 margin!

Several supporters of gay marriage, in what is, sadly, becoming a too-common recurring theme of lack of respect for the democratic process, started screaming from the gallery, "Stop hating, stop dividing, stop pandering." The Senate had to actually close the gallery and remove all spectators in order to permit the debate to progress. Classy act, that one.

In Indiana, this is only the first step. After an election, both the House and Senate will have to pass this resolution again--and then the future of marriage in Indiana will go to the people in 2014.

NOM Ad in Columbus Republic

Indiana Senate Holds the Line on Marriage Amendment

Indiana Senate passes marriage amendment by 40-10 margin, while opponents disrupt senate session and NOM newspaper ad exposes empty threats of Cummins, Inc. to send jobs elsewhere due to marriage amendment. Read more.

Brian in Iowa

Life and Marriage Part of "The Main Thing" at Iowa GOP Forum

This week I was back in Iowa for Steve King's first annual Conservative Principles PAC forum. Four GOP presidential contenders were there: Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Haley Barbour... Read more.

Has Your Congressman Signed on to Co-Sponsor the "Defend DOMA" Resolution?

I cannot tell you how many Washington insiders are trying to silence the GOP on marriage. But thanks to the amazing leadership of Republican Study Committee chairman Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), we already have nearly 100 co-sponsors. Read more.

If you haven't done one thing for marriage so far this year, show Jim Jordan you love him by clicking here and telling your Congressman to sign up to defend DOMA!

And pass this message on to a friend, too, would you?

The people united cannot be defeated.

God bless you, and please pray for Jim Jordan and for all the great leaders on the front lines of this historic battle for God's truth about marriage.

Brian brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

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