Urgent Action Alert: Protect Christian Adoption Agencies from Government!


We received this news from a reader:

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) has proposed regulations to require state licensed adoption agencies in Virginia, including private church-run adoption agencies, to not refuse to process adoption of children based on sexual orientation. If these new regs are adopted, even private, church-run agencies would be required to process adoption applications by same-sex couples.

The VDSS is requesting comments from the public on this proposal. The comment period ends tonight at 11:59 PM today. Please leave a comment and help us spread the word!

Driving religious foster care and adoption agencies out of business appears to be the only real purpose of new regs proposed by the Virigina Dept. of Social Services.

Write to the government of Virginia and tell them: Do not hurt needy children, by driving religious foster care and adoption agencies out of the business of helping needy kids. If an agency provides good parents for children, they should be embraced --not rejected-- by the state of Virginia.

The message of exclusion government will send to children with strong religious identities, as well as to potential religious foster and adoptive parents, is unconscionable and destructive.

The State of Virginia's Social Services has no right to impose this strange new morality regulations on other people, to the detriment of the neediest children in our state.

Write today and tell a friend.