Chris Plante: It's Down to the Wire in Rhode Island


The latest news from GoLocalProv, a news blog in the Ocean State:

Sources are telling GoLocalProv that more than three months into the legislative session, there still are not enough votes in the Rhode Island House to ensure that a gay marriage bill would pass.

NOM-RI's Chris Plante says it's going to come down to the wire:

“Both the potential committee and floor votes remain on a knife’s edge. One or two key votes will swing the outcome in either direction,” said Chris Plante, executive director of the state chapter of the National Organization for Marriage. “Madam Chairperson Ajello seems overly optimistic—it is safe to say that if Speaker Fox had the support in committee or on the floor he would be calling for a vote.”

“However, by no means does this mean the battle is over,” he added. “The National Organization for Marriage-Rhode Island expects that Speaker Fox, Governor Chafee, and homosexual-marriage advocates will continue to press the House of Representatives on this issue.

Therefore, we are urging supporters of one man/one woman marriage to remain vigilant, continue calling and email their representatives, and to visit the Statehouse in person to speak to their representatives.”

Now is the time to stay fully engaged! Find out how at the NOM-RI website.