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Dear Marriage Supporter,

President Obama declared war on marriage his very first day in office. Quickly he nominated two new members to the Supreme Court, solidifying the liberal bloc of the bench, even appointing his own solicitor general to the nation's high court. His party controlled both houses of Congress, introducing bills to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and lawsuits in several states were making their way through the federal court system, headed for the Supreme Court.

It was a perfect storm threatening to force same-sex marriage on the nation.

Every branch of government moving in concert to undermine and repeal the one federal law protecting marriage.

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But the American people stood up and said enough. Last November, the American people elected the most pro-marriage Congress in a decade or more. And together we have held the new Congress accountable, sending more than 100,000 messages urging Congress to go on record in support of marriage – and putting the brakes on the inside-the-beltway momentum of gay marriage advocates.

We've made some important progress, but the battle is far from over. Within the next two years, the U.S. Supreme Court will be faced with a Roe v. Wade type decision on marriage – potentially taking marriage out of the hands of the individual states and forcing a same-sex marriage regime on the entire nation.

This is the single most significant threat to marriage the nation has ever faced.

And that's why a generous donor challenged us with a $1 Million Defend DOMA matching grant. When President Obama refused to defend marriage, we stepped up, and the House leadership answered the bell. But much more needs to be done, filing legal briefs in defense of marriage, lobbying in the halls of Congress, and mobilizing grassroots support for marriage all across the nation through online, telephone, and media campaigns.

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Your gift of $30, $300 or even $3000 or more will help make sure we have the funds to do what President Obama won't do: Defend DOMA in the courts, in the halls of Congress, and reaching out to marriage supporters all across the nation. Every dollar raised before midnight tonight will be matched by the challenge grant, doubling its impact for marriage.

Gay marriage advocates are pushing an aggressive agenda to force same-sex marriage on the entire country in one fell swoop – erasing 30 state constitutional amendments and the votes of nearly 40 million Americans in a single 5-4 Supreme Court ruling. Stopping this attack is our single most critical priority in the next two years. Please join us with your gift today.

Brian Brown


Brian brown

Brian S. Brown


National Organization for Marriage

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