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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Have you visited our new Facebook page yet?

Check it out today at

It's the new home on Facebook for all things marriage-related. Click here to visit and "Like" the new NOM Facebook page, ensuring that all the latest news shows up in your newsfeed.

Even if you're not a Facebook user, you can check out the page regularly for news, information and conversation about marriage (although you have to be a Facebook user to post comments).

Many of you have asked what happened to the "Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman" Facebook page. As I mentioned in last week's newsletter, Louis Marinelli helped build the Facebook page to almost 300,000 supporters, and wanted to use that page to help further NOM's work. But unexpectedly, 10 days ago Louis assumed sole control of the page, announced a sudden change of heart, and relaunched it with support from same-sex marriage activists.

Many of the page's fans have felt betrayed, and thousands have already "unliked" the page. While we wish Louis all the best personally, we're obviously disappointed that he would deprive nearly 300,000 marriage supporters of their Facebook community.

That's why we want to build this new, secure, page into the largest Facebook page supporting marriage, and we need your help.

Here's what I'm asking you to do:

  1. LIKE IT! Click here to visit and "Like" the new NOM Facebook page at And after you like the page, come join the conversation, helping to make "NationForMarriage" a vibrant community of marriage supporters from all across the nation and around the world.
  2. SHARE IT! Help spread the word to your friends and online networks. You can share this email via Facebook and Twitter, or post a short statement in your Facebook status, letting your friends know about NOM's new page. ("I'm liking because I believe marriage is the union of a husband and wife. Join me in taking a stand for marriage today!")
  3. Finally, if you're still a member of the "Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman" (yes, that's still the name) Facebook page, click here to visit and "unlike" the page. The unlike button is at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar when you visit the page.

Thanks for standing with us in this fight for marriage. We're excited about this opportunity to reach out to new marriage supporters and hope that you'll join us in spreading the word.

Brian Brown


Brian brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

P.S.: If you're on Twitter, don't forget to follow us @NOMtweets for multiple marriage updates throughout each day!

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