Breaking News: Victory for Religious Liberty in Virginia!


WMAL reports the breaking news:

Private and church-run adoption agencies will not be required to serve same-sex couples in Virginia, for now.

Gay rights activists asked the state Board of Social Services to require faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities to permit gay couples to adopt children.

Wednesday, the board overwhelmingly rejected the request, and voted to stand by current regulations which only allow married couples or single men and women to adopt in Virginia, regardless of sexual orientation.

The board, which consists of five Democrats and four Republicans, voted down the proposed changes 7-2.

Today's vote confirming the rights of religious-based and private adoption agencies took place after the vast majority of public comments were found to be in support of the current regs.

Congratulations to the hundreds of you who responded to our action alert!

Once again, you made the difference.

Of course, the Washington Post doesn't see it as a victory, but at least they ended on a good quote:

“Today’s vote by the board will ensure that Virginia remains in compliance with federal law while allowing private and faith-based organizations to continue providing vital adoption services for the large number of children who need to be placed in safe, loving homes,” [Virginia Governor Bob] McDonnell spokesman Jeff Caldwell said.