Does Gary Johnson Support Gay Marriage?


Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson threw his hat in the ring yesterday.  According to the Manchester Union Leader, his announcement speech was heavy on the economy light on "social" issues (like legalizing pot, or approving "gay unions").  But does he support gay marriage?

A gay blog notes the contradicting reports:

But while various sources, including Fox News, and the New Mexico Independent, report that Johnson is a “strong” supporter of gay marriage, his own website disagrees.

A page devoted to civil rights at the Our America Initiative website notes that “Governor Johnson does support gay and civil unions. However, he does not support gay marriage.”

Then there are exchanges like this:

Q: Isn’t the true libertarian position to support gay marriage? Johnson: I’ve taken the position that I support gay unions.

Q: Why not marriage? What’s the difference? Johnson: Right or wrong, that’s what I’m advocating.

Q: So it might be wrong? Johnson: Look, it’s the notion that government probably shouldn’t be involved in marriage in the first place.

Q: Do you draw the line at marriage because you are religious? Johnson: I was raised a Christian. I’d like to think I have Christian values. I don’t attend church.

And finally, interviews like this (hop to 1:52 in this clip):