Breaking News: Paul Clement Refuses to Bow Down Under HRC Pressure, Leaves Law Firm to Defend DOMA


Ed Whelan at NRO's Bench Memos with the breaking news:

According to Politico, the King & Spalding law firm, which had agreed to serve as counsel to the House of Representatives in defending DOMA, is now backing out of the representation. Its about-face is a craven caving to pressure from gay-rights groups. King & Spalding chairman Robert Hays deserves special recognition as a profile in cowardice.

In response to the King & Spalding decision, superstar lawyer (and former Solicitor General) Paul D. Clement has just resigned from the firm "effective immediately."

Here is Clement’s resignation letter.

...Clement will continue representing the House of Representatives in his new capacity with Bancroft PLLC.

We have been noting the harassment and intimidation tactics used by gay rights groups (particularly the Human Rights Campaign) against King & Spalding over the previous days. More from us soon.