Sen. Diaz Takes on the Village Voice's Incitements to Hatred


NY's State Senator Ruben Diaz, who is bravely organizing support for marriage in the Empire State, writes an Open Letter to the Editors of the Village Voice:

When I read Steven Thrasher's column, Ruben Diaz Sr.: Gay Marriage Over My Dead Body, I realized that your point was not to explore the beliefs of people opposed to homosexual marriage, but to vilify my principled and vocal defense against attacks on marriage as we know it.

When I read the comments posted online that followed your article, I considered that you or your editors have espoused an "at all costs" approach to achieving your goal of passing a gay marriage bill. One reader, Wayne writes: " you wish, Mr Diaz.....I can arrange your final resting place in a local dump."

Would the authors and editors at the Village Voice have been so quick to tolerate any comments hoping for the demise or imminent death of one of their favorite political leaders? Or perhaps their purpose really was to draw out and encourage criminal acts by your readers.

... It's so sad to see people in journalism abuse their positions, but it's outrageous to see how the editors of the Village Voice use their editorial discretion to facilitate and encourage homicide.