Marriage Amendment to be Introduced in MN Senate!


In Minnesota, a marriage amendment is being announced right now which would put the issue before the people of the North Star State in 2012. It will shortly be introduced officially in the MN State Senate.

Here is more from the press release just published:

MN State Senators Warren Limmer and Paul Gazelka

“The proposed constitutional amendment asks voters to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman in Minnesota. This issue constantly comes up during legislative sessions and it’s time for the people to decide. Allowing a small number of politicians, or activist judges in St. Paul to decide the definition of marriage would not be acceptable. We propose an early passage in the legislature this year, followed by a year discussion in our communities statewide in order to be prepared to vote in next year’s General Election,” said Senator Limmer.

“It’s time to empower Minnesotans with a choice on an issue that has been brought up numerous times in the legislature. This constitutional amendment puts the definition of marriage in the hands of the voter. There are a variety of perspectives on this issue, we are simply trying to give people the chance to express their opinion at the polls,” added Senator Gazelka.

“This amendment has been put to the voters in numerous states. On issues like this, I believe that it is best to let the people decide rather than a small group of legislators in St. Paul. By putting this definition of marriage on the ballot, we can ensure that this decision will accurately reflect the values that Minnesotans believe in,” said Senator Hann.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!