FRC's Perkins: Who Decides Who Gets Lawyers? SSM Activists or the Constitution?


From Family Research Council Tony Perkins' Washington Update:

The people who avoid a debate are the ones afraid of losing. That's why the groups like GetEQUAL and others are forming what is basically a mobile protest unit. [This week], its activists rallied outside the offices of King & Spalding--only to learn that its attorneys had bailed on the case. So what did they do? Hopped in the car, drove across town to Paul Clement's new firm, and started demonstrating there. "I think Bancroft PPLC just bought itself a world of pain," wrote one blogger. "Go get them!!!"

As far as they're concerned, the Constitution doesn't decide who gets lawyers--homosexuals do. Those intimidation games may have worked before, but don't count on it now, says the Washington Post. "It may just be that dumping the House of Representatives as its client is proving to be potentially more... damaging to the firm than sticking by a client."