Maggie: Stunning Defeat of SSM in RI has Left Gay Activists in Disarray


From CitizenLink, a Focus on the Family affiliate:

Even though Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox was forced to abandon his plans to legalize same-sex marriage this session, he is not giving up. A Democrat and an open homosexual, is set to introduce [...] a civil unions bill.

But gay activists aren’t lining up behind him. In fact, Marriage Equality Rhode Island is mounting a protest rally to coincide with the bill’s introduction.

...Maggie Gallagher, chairman of the board of National Organization for Marriage, said the stunning defeat of the same-sex marriage bill has left gay activists in disarray.

“It’s the bluest of the blue states,” she said. “And their inability to pass gay marriage in Rhode Island — coming on the heels of their defeat in another deep blue state, Maryland — is a sign of how little popular support there is for gay marriage.”