MayDay for Marriage NY Announces May 24th Rally, State-Wide Bus Tour!


Supporters of marriage, it's time to get involved and stand up for marriage in New York!

Today, New Yorker's Family Research Foundation announces its "Mayday for Marriage" RV tour.

The Mayday for Marriage tour departs Friday, May 6th, and after stopping in places like Buffalo, Rochester, Staten Island, Long Island, and many others, the tour will culminate in Albany's West Capitol Park on May 24th.

McGuire said, "NYFRF representatives will be on the road taking the debate over 'same-sex marriage' to legislative districts across the Empire State. We're packing our bags, loading an RV wrapped in marriage messaging and making stops at various media availabilities and marriage rallies in local communities throughout the state."

The best way to stay up-to-date with NYFRF's "Mayday for Marriage" activities is to follow progress on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Here are some additional events they are planning which we encourage you to participate in!

"Mayday for Marriage" Sunday

May 22nd will be “Mayday for Marriage” Sunday. NYFRF is encouraging the 5,000 churches on our mailing list to focus on marriage during worship services on this particular day. We are asking pastors to publicly pray for marriage in New York State, preach on the biblical definition of marriage, encourage congregants to contact their elected officials on this issue, and finally to take up a special love offering to help underwrite NYFRF’s marriage defense initiative.

"Mayday for Marriage" Albany Rally

The “Mayday for Marriage” tour will culminate on May 24th outside the Capitol Building in Albany’s West Capitol Park. NYFRF is asking New Yorkers from all across the state join us at 11:00 AM on the 24th to let our elected officials know that marriage matters.