NOM Launches "We're There Until You Need Us" Information Campaign Aimed at Law Firm Who Abandoned US House Defense of Marriage Lawsuit


WASHINGTON – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today launched a nationwide web campaign against the law firm of King & Spalding over their decision to abandon representation of the US House of Representatives in the effort to defend the nation’s marriage law, called the Defense of Marriage Act. The ad campaign tags the firm with the slogan, “We’re There Until You Need Us.”

“King & Spalding have shown themselves to be gutless legal advocates in the face of pressure, abandoning their client after signing a $500,000 agreement to provide representation,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “They were all too happy to bill taxpayers up to $520 per hour to defend DOMA until gay marriage radicals started to complain. Then they cut and ran, abandoning their client in the process. It’s one of the most unprofessional actions we’ve ever seen.”

King & Spalding have been widely criticized for their decision to abandon their client by both supporters and opponents of gay marriage, as well as legal ethicists, media voices, and even Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Holder and Kagan praised the action of former King & Spalding partner Paul Clement for resigning from the firm and continuing to represent the US House of Representatives at his new firm of Bancroft PLLC.

“NOM’s ‘We’re There Until You Need Us’ campaign highlights the obvious – that this law firm has shirked its client responsibilities simply because their client advocated a cause unpopular in some quarters,” Brown said. “Yet representing clients facing contentious issues is exactly what lawyers are supposed to do. It would appear that King & Spalding believe that murderers and terrorists are entitled to representation, but the nation’s marriage law is not. It’s no wonder that they have come under intense criticism from both the left and the right. They have shown cowardice under pressure, proving they have no principles or integrity.”

The new campaign allows average Americans to express their views directly to King & Spalding’s leadership.

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