URGENT MARRIAGE ALERT: Tell your legislators to support MN Marriage Amendment today!


Reports indicate that the Minnesota Marriage Amendment may be voted on in both the house and senate as early as tomorrow!

If you haven't yet emailed your state senator and representative, please do it right now.

Our opponents are doing everything they can to discredit the amendment effort and to divide the Republican majority. Tell your legislators that you care about marriage and it's time they let the people vote!

Let Minnesotans Vote for Marriage!

The next few days will likely decide whether Minnesota voters finally get to be heard—or whether politicians cave to a small but vocal minority that desperately wants to limit the voice of the people.

We need your help today! Please send an email to your state senator and state representative, urging them to vote yes on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

Here's what you can do:

Please – if you haven't yet sent your message, do it right now. And if you have, forward this on to three more friends who can help protect marriage in Minnesota today.