NOM Launches $500,000 Ad Campaign in New York (Includes Video); Pledges $1 Million in 2012 Elections


Here is video of the ad that will begin airing soon:

Nation’s Leading Pro-Marriage Group says it will Spend $1 million to Primary any Republican who Votes to Redefine Marriage and Defend Democrats who Vote to Protect Marriage

WASHINGTON - The National Organization of Marriage today announced that it is spending $500,000 on a new ad and lobbying campaign to oppose same-sex marriage in New York and will spend $1 million to support Democratic State Legislators who cast their votes to defend the traditional definition of marriage and oppose any Republican Legislators who vote to redefine marriage.

“It’s become quite clear in recent days in New York that Governor Cuomo and same-sex marriage advocates are targeting a select number of Democrat state Senators, as well as some Republicans in their desperate attempt to coerce legislators to support their agenda,” said Brian Brown, President of NOM.  “We want to be sure those courageous Democrats and Republicans who cast their vote of conscience in favor of traditional marriage will have a strong supporter if the radical gay activists come after them in their next election.”

"In Maryland and Rhode Island we just won great victories for marriage.  Our opponents tried to claim that same-sex marriage was inevitable in both of those states.  They were wrong,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president.  “Once our message got out and legislators heard from their constituents, same-sex marriage was stopped dead in its tracks.  We expect the same to happen in New York."

NOM pledged to vigorously oppose in their primaries any Republicans who support gay marriage.  NOM previously played a leading role in defeating former Representative Dede Scozzafava in her Congressional primary bid. NOM has a long history of defeating Republicans who support same-sex marriage. They led the campaign to defeat Bill Binnie in New Hampshire and Tom Campbell in California US Senate primaries last year, and defeated legislators in Minnesota and New Hampshire who supported same-sex marriage there.  Last year NOM helped elect nearly 150 state legislators around the country. NOM also was the largest donor in the successful effort to oust the Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex marriage on Iowa.

Brown stated, "Tim Gill and other pro-gay marriage millionaires are funneling money into New York to sell a false bill of goods.  They failed in the last election to flip the legislature, and now they're trying to convince legislators that they somehow have something to fear if they do the right thing and vote to protect marriage. NOM has defeated every pro-gay marriage Republican we’ve ever targeted, and we’re quite confident we will do so in New York, should that become necessary.”