URGENT MARRIAGE ALERT: Rally for Marriage Sunday Afternoon in the Bronx!


[Note: there is a great deal of exciting marriage news today, please scroll down for the latest updates!]


I'm asking you to join me in the Bronx this Sunday as together we stand to protect marriage in New York. This is a critical moment for the future of marriage in New York, and if you can arrange your other commitments this weekend, I hope you'll come out and join us.

Rally in the Bronx this Sunday

Governor Cuomo and powerful special interests are doing all they can to push same-sex marriage on New Yorkers, including a million dollar celebrity ad campaign, statehouse rallies, and behind-the-scenes lobbying. But still they are at least 6 votes short in the state senate by the latest published counts.

Help hold the line! Show New York legislators that their constituents care about marriage.

Sponsored by Senator and Reverend Ruben Diaz—a true hero in the fight to protect marriage in New York—the rally will bring together marriage supporters from across the state as we join together across racial, ethnic and religious lines to affirm the truth of marriage. I am excited to be there, and to have the opportunity to share a few thoughts about the importance of this moment in the fight to protect marriage. Be sure to stop and say hello if you can!

And would you please help spread the word by forwarding this email to your family and friends? Bring the whole family, and invite friends from church to come along!

And don't forget to keep in contact with your own state senator and representative. Your voice matters! One legislator has gone so far as to say that he will vote however his constituents tell him to vote—and he's keeping notes on each phone call and email that comes into his office! Help keep up the pressure by sending an email to your state senator and representative today. Click here to send your message now!

I hope to see you on Sunday!