Lynch Loses It: Supporting Marriage Now "Hate" and "Discrimination"


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

It's on.

The Governor of New Hampshire is losing it over our "Lynch Lied" ad and has launched a fluffy rebuttal ad, heavy on the slick, light on the substance. It's called "Lynch Leads" and you can view it here.

After viewing the ad, you might wonder why Governor Lynch didn't respond to the facts laid out in our ad "Lynch Lied" (which you can view here). We all know why: as the Union Leader wrote, "Unfortunately for Gov. Lynch, the criticisms are valid and he knows it." 

Maybe that's also why Lynch doesn't want to hear back from his constituents -- he's even disabled comments on the YouTube version of his ad.

The other glaring omission from Lynch's rebuttal ad is any defense of same-sex marriage. We also know why. Lynch knows that the voters of New Hampshire don't want same-sex marriage and expect a governor who said he opposed redefining marriage to actually follow through and veto the bill. Pure and simple, Governor Lynch betrayed the trust of the voters when he put his pen to the same-sex marriage bill. He's not willing to highlight this betrayal in an ad. The people might get...the TRUTH!

But if Lynch does not want to talk about same-sex marriage to the voters of New Hampshire, he definitely does want to talk about it to the far-left funding base of his campaign. In a Lynch campaign fundraising e-mail to supporters, his finance chair lays his cards on the table.

"On its website, NOM has made clear its real agenda: repealing New Hampshire's marriage equality law and punishing Gov. Lynch for signing it.

The National Organization for Marriage spent $200,000 in ONE week running their ad. We spent $250,000 on advertising for the whole last campaign.

This out-of-state group has spent millions in other states to push its agenda of hate and discrimination."

My friends, supporting traditional marriage is now "hate" and "discrimination" according to the Lynch campaign. So whether you're one of the majority of voters who passed a constitutional amendment in 30 states or one of the majority of voters who vetoed same-sex marriage in neighboring Maine, or one of the majority of voters in New Hampshire who opposes same-sex marriage, the Governor of New Hampshire is effectively declaring your views hateful.

Will you stand up and allow us to fight back with your most generous $25, $50, $100 or even $500 contribution right now?

Governor Lynch has one thing right. We're going to shout about his betrayal of New Hampshire voters from the mountaintops, from the airwaves, from the streets (with our "Lynch Lied" bumper stickers available here), from the internet, and wherever else we can. And it's not just him. A new day has dawned. No longer can politicians vote against protecting marriage and then hide it from the voters. And you bet we'll work to repeal New Hampshire's gay marriage law. Our "Lynch Lied" spot is only the beginning of our public education efforts in New Hampshire and throughout the country.

But with just this single ad, we have already defined the agenda for the rest of the year in New Hampshire. For the rest of his campaign, Governor Lynch will have to defend his stances on the issues we've raised, and his opponents can be expected to constantly press the case as well. This is going to be a race unlike any other the Governor has experienced. He won't be able to run ads making him look "warm and fuzzy" and appear to be "a nice guy." He's going to have to defend his positions on the issues we've raised. And we've only begun to fight back in New Hampshire!

But we need your help. As you can see, we've got a Battle Royale on our hands at the highest levels of power. But we know that when a sitting Governor attacks us he's also attacking you. And you're not going to take that without standing up and being counted.

So I'm asking you again: Will you stand up for marriage right now? Will you give us the resources that will allow us to expose all of the politicians who are betraying marriage? We know that you have many causes that you support, but let me ask you this: What is it worth to defend marriage? Please give whatever you can online now.

You see, we don't have uber-millionaires like Tim Gill that the pro-gay marriage crowd has supporting them. We have you. And you have been key to our victories in California, Maine, New York and New Jersey. And with over one hundred thousand online NOM supporters there are a lot of us. But we can't think that someone else is going to step up to the plate for us. It is up to you. Will you dig deep at this critical time and give your most generous contribution so that we can fight effectively for your values?

I'm also asking you to forward this message to everyone that you know in your contacts folder that supports protecting marriage. Post it on Facebook. Retweet it on Twitter. We've got a momentous task before us and we'll need everyone to be a part of this fight. Don't wait. Please get the word out now.

P.S. You may ask, well I'm not in New Hampshire, why does this matter to me? Well, we're not just fighting in New Hampshire; we're active in states across the country. But New Hampshire is of national significance because same-sex marriage can be repealed there--given the right legislature and governor. Unlike Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa, New Hampshire simply passed same-sex marriage by a vote of the legislature. Next year's legislature can repeal it. Can you imagine the powerful message that would send to other states considering redefining marriage?


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