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Dear Friends of Marriage,

I wanted to be sure that you saw the terrific column by Archbishop Nienstedt, Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, published this week in the Star-Tribune. In the column, Archbishop Nienstedt makes the case for a marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.

Please take a moment to thank Archbishop Nienstedt for taking this courageous
stand for marriage. Click here to send him an email today!

If you haven't already seen it, you can click here to read the full column, but I wanted to highlight the first couple of paragraphs:

Why should Minnesotans care about passing a marriage amendment?

Marriage matters to every Minnesotan, whether or not we choose to marry personally, because it is the natural way we bring together men and women to conceive and raise the next generation. The intended reality of marriage as a lifelong, committed, life-giving union between one man and one woman, a reality long accepted as established fact, is severely challenged today. High rates of fatherlessness and family fragmentation impoverish children and leave women with the unfair burden of solo parenting. Children suffer, but so does the whole society, when marriage fails in its irreplaceable task of bringing together mothers and fathers with their children.

Into this confusing mix, so-called same-sex "marriage" throws a whole new level of challenge and uncertainty. Defining marriage as simply a union of consenting parties will change the core meaning of marriage in the public square for every Minnesotan.

Please take a moment today to thank Archbishop Nienstedt for taking this courageous stand for marriage. He's sure to come under fire from gay marriage advocates for his outspoken support for a marriage amendment.  Help make sure he knows how much we appreciate his courage. Click here to send your message today!

Then forward this message to your friends and family, so they can thank Archbishop Nienstedt, too!


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