Pro-SSM Op-Ed in NY: "The Votes Aren't There"


Fred Lebrun advocates for redefining marriage but admits in the Albany Times Union that Gov. Cuomo's "bullying" of the legislature - while earning him high marks with the public - has backfired when it comes to pushing his agenda in the capital:

Governor Cuomo has maintained his high ratings by beating up on the Legislature, a tactic the public apparently loves. He's bullied legislators, goaded them to do his bidding and not theirs, and even all but demanded they pass his Big Three or suffer the public's wrath, which he will command on them. It's quite the imperial exercise, a sort of prosecutor as messiah.

... What the governor has managed to do is energize the opposition to a magnitude I have not seen in recent years. [...] If another vote was held today, the outcome would not be that dissimilar because the Senate votes just aren't there yet.

... In a year when a far more collegial approach was called for, aimed directly at the public and not at the Legislature, Governor Cuomo's efforts will go down as well meaning, but tactically flawed. Another missed opportunity.