Prominent Gay Blogger: Not educating kids about SSM "makes them ignorant, hateful little morons."


Dear Marriage Supporter,

One of my staff members sent me this bluntly honest admission from a gay blogger last week:

"[I]n response [to NOM's ad] we say, "NOOO! We're not gonna make kids learn about homosexuality, we swear! It's not like we're trying to recruit your children or anything." But let's face it—that's a lie. We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it." (emphasis added)

Did that strike you the way it did me?

NOM's Consequences Ad Running in NYWhen we released our latest TV ad in New York on the consequences of gay marriage (you can watch it here), our hope was that the ad would open the eyes of New Yorkers unaware of how same-sex marriage will impact their lives and the lives of their children, and motivate voters to contact their legislators to oppose the bill.

But I didn't expect a well-known gay blogger to openly boast that our ad's claim that gay marriage will be taught in public schools is clearly true!

Our "Consequences" ad is clearly having an impact—and exposing the radical agenda that we are up against in protecting our children and our families. Can I count on you to give $20, $50, or even $500 today to help spread the word to even more Americans about the importance of protecting marriage?

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Daniel Villarreal goes on to make the point even more forcefully:

"... Why would anybody get all up in arms about punishing teachers who mention queers in the classroom unless we wanted teachers to do just that? In response against the bill, . . . [activists] gave out hundreds of "Don't B H8N on the Homos" t-shirts, wristbands, pins and stickers to school children in front of TV cameras. Recruiting children? You bet we are." (Emphasis added.)

And he doesn't stop there (we've omitted the most offensive language):

"... Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?... I for one certainly want tons of school children to learn that it's OK to be gay, that people of the same sex should be allowed to legally marry each other, and that anyone can kiss a person of the same sex without feeling like a freak. . . .

I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT."

In fact he concludes, "not educating our kids about queer issues makes them ignorant, hateful little morons."

It saddens me to think about the consequences were we to not stand up to protect marriage. But at the same time—having just come from the powerful rally with Sen. Ruben Diaz in the Bronx on Sunday—I am inspired by what we can accomplish together.

Will you join me in standing up for marriage with your most generous gift today? Please use this link to make your donation right now.

SSM Blogger: 'not educating our kids about queer issues makes them ignorant, hateful little morons.'

Gay marriage is the centerpiece of an ambitious movement to use the power of government, including the public schools, to impose a new public morality in the minds of Americans, and especially our children. If we fail to defend marriage as decent, wholesome and pure, our children will soon live in a world in which traditional views of marriage are treated as hateful, discredited bigotry, whether parents like it or not.

Each of us has different gifts and abilities that we bring to this struggle. Whatever your gift, I urge you to find the way you can be most effective in fighting back against this new narrative that calls the good of marriage nothing more than evil bigotry.

For some, that may be talking to your local school board, or writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. For many, it means talking to friends and co-workers about the future awaiting us if we fail to defend marriage today. And for you it may mean making a gift to help support NOM's work in the public square.

Over the past several years, I have been privileged to see first-hand the impact NOM's work has had, giving voters an organized voice and literally changing the course of history in states like New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland. And it is your donations that have made it possible, allowing NOM to be a catalyst for good, reaching out to voters through TV ads, radio ads, phone calls and emails in highly targeted campaigns that maximize the impact of each dollar.

For the first time, politicians have now seen that their votes on marriage will have consequences for their political future. Quite simply, money speaks in politics—and thanks to you, it's no longer just the pro-gay marriage groups that are able to put their money where their mouth is.

The stakes are high, and together we are making a tremendous impact for marriage. But there is much yet to be done, and that is why I'm asking you to consider a new commitment to the work of NOM today. This is an ongoing struggle, and it would mean so much to me if you would consider joining us as a monthly supporter with a gift of $10 or $25 or even $50 each month.

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Whatever your gifts and abilities, if we each do what we can, together we will protect the future of marriage for our children and our families.

Brian Brown


Brian brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

P.S.: This spring has been exceptionally busy (and expensive!), as we've already succeeded in major campaigns to block gay marriage bills in Maryland and Rhode Island, and are still in the thick of things in New York. Your gift today will help to ensure that we have the resources to continue fighting for marriage throughout 2011.