Op-Ed: "On Whose Side Does the Hate Really Lie?"


David Lanham writes to the News-Leader about the resignation of former gold medalist Peter Vidmar:

The Olympics, of course, are about sport, not same-sex marriage. But Vidmar chose to resign from his appointment, citing the needs of the U.S. athletes over his own. As a successful businessman, motivational speaker, author and journalist, he was probably also concerned about his livelihood. Certainly others have faced devastating harassment for their support of marriage and Prop 8 specifically.

This reminds us that the "gay rights" movement has nothing to do with rights at all. What these people want is to redefine marriage and make what has been for over two centuries considered abnormal and wrong by American society to now be something right and good. Those who disagree with their agenda are said to "hate" them. But what about their own vitriolic attacks against folks like Peter Vidmar? And remember, by supporting Proposition 8 Vidmar was agreeing with the majority position of Californians. So, on whose side does the hate really lie?