NY Leader Skelos Says He May Not Bring SSM Up For Vote


SSM advocates are starting to blame Gov. Cuomo for not pushing harder for SSM, meanwhile Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos now says he may not put SSM up for a vote, and instead will discuss it with his conference first. And the votes still aren't there...

By the end of yesterday, none of the missing votes [for SSM] had yet materialized. And with only 14 days left in the legislative session, one Democratic Senate insider acknowledged that passing a gay marriage bill may not end up viewed with the same time pressure as renewing rent regulations, which must be completed by June 15. --City Hall

Also, Mayor Bloomberg makes it clear he won't necessarily refuse to support Republicans who vote no:

And although Mayor Bloomberg promised to financially support Republicans who vote in favor, he also said he wouldn’t categorically withdraw support from those who voted no.

“In the real world, you can’t pick one issue and say it’s all or nothing,” Bloomberg said.