Should NOM Be Allowed to Run Ads in New York?


Some people don't think so.  A snapshot of the future they seek?

In a May 12 letter to NY1, Time Warner Cable’s all-news station serving the five boroughs, West Village Democratic Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, the longest serving out lesbian or gay member of the New York State Legislature complained about the station’s decision to air ads from the Coalition to Save Marriage.

... Glick’s letter continued, “I question whether you would run a similar ad if it was directed toward preventing legislation on another matter that is aimed at expanding civil rights. There was a time when individuals of different races could not marry. Would NY1 run ads in favor of maintaining that status quo?”

Bobby Amirshahi, a vice president for communications at Time Warner Cable, told Gay City News that NY1 was just one of "several" TV channels where NOM made ad purchases, that "as with other issue and political advertising that runs on our channels, these spots do not reflect the opinions of Time Warner Cable and NY1," and that pro-marriage equality spots "are also running on multiple networks, and have been for several months. "

Haven't seen the commercial in question? See it here: